A MindBody studio that’s dedicated to those who seek to enhance their lives physically, emotionally & spiritually.

At the MindBody studio at Fitness Playground, we understand that yoga is a completely different discipline to high-energy cardio training. So we’ve worked hard to create a serene environment where you can carry out your practice as you would at the most specialist yoga studios.

Our classes are run by talented and fully qualified instructors that only teach the discipline they specialise in. We limit class size numbers, to ensure each member gets personalised care and guidance.

As part of your membership, you’re free to attend any of our daily classes, which are all held by our qualified and highly experienced instructors.

We offer both traditional
and exciting new classes
for all abilities.

Whether you want to give yoga a try, or you've been practising for a while already, we have a range of classes running every day to suit all levels, abilities and personal preferences. Led by one of our talented and fully qualified instructors, we run anything from Yin Yoga and Yoga Essentials, to Hatha Yoga classes and Hot Yoga.

  • Yoga Essentials
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Anti-Gravity™ Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Japanese Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Pre/Post Natal Yoga

In addition to our Yoga classes, we offer Pilates,
Ballet Barre, Meditation & CircusFit.

Something a little different:


Originally started in New York, Anti-Gravity Yoga (AGY) combines traditional yoga poses, with Pilates, dance - and the use of a hammock!

Ballet Barre

Combining elements of ballet, pilates and yoga, and with a focus on developing core strength, stability, posture and alignment, barre exercises are about using your own body weight for resistance.


During a typical Circus Fit class, you will work with a low hanging trapeze, which is designed to increase your flexibility, balance and coordination – and get you fitter than ever before.

We can help with:

Strength, Balance & Flexibility

Yoga practice can challenge almost every muscle in your body... from beginner to advanced, these poses help build strength, balance and flexibility. It is also a safe and effective way to regain mobility and strength from injury.

Rest & Relaxation

By showing you how to synchronise your breathing and movement, we can increase your flexibility, balance your nervous system and revitalise your body and mind - helping you to release built up stress and tension from a busy lifestyle - so you'll always leave feeling completely Zen!

Whilst training for the World Fitness Model Championships, yoga not only assisted with my flexibility and posture, but it also complimented my training by boosting my strength and preventing injury amongst a vigorous routine.

Laura Basta World Fitness Model Pro Division Champion

Bring your bubs too

If you have little ones and they're making it hard for you to commit to our yoga classes, don't stress.

For just $5 an hour, we have an on-site crèche available at our Marrickville & Gateway location!

A bit about us…

We started in 2014 focusing on delivering the ultimate fitness experience, combining over 30 different group classes, industry leading personal instructors, and an environment that’s friendly,
personable and results focused.

We’ve got 4 locations in total, in Sydney (Surry Hills, Newtown & Marrickville) and in Darwin (Gateway) where you can experience this.